The Themefyre Portfolio is only available for installation through the purchase of a compatible premium WordPress theme from Themefyre.

Once you have purchased a compatible WordPress theme, and followed the instructions for installing the theme found in the themes accompanying user guide, you can install the page builder by doing the following.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Locate Themefyre Portfolio in the list of available plugins.
  3. Press the Install button immediately below the title.
  4. Return to your list of installed plugins, and activate the plugin.

Portfolio Settings

Settings for this plugin can be edited by navigating to Settings > Portfolio from your WordPress dashboard. Each available option is briefly described below.

Portfolio Page

You can select a static page to serve as your portfolio page, if no page is selected here the default URL will be used and indicated below the dropdown box.

Projects Per Page

Specify how many projects should be visible on each page when viewing your portfolio. By default this value will be the same as the option for “Blog pages show at most” which can be set by navigating to Theme Settings > Reading.

General Usage

Managing Projects

Projects can be managed in exactly the same way your pages/posts are managed. Navigate to Projects > All Projects from your WordPress dashboard to see a list of all of your projects. From here you can add new projects and delete existing ones.

Managing Project Categories

With this plugin you can organize your portfolio into multiple categories, in the same way you can organize your blog posts. Navigate to Projects > Categories from your WordPress dashboard to see a list of all of your project categories. From here you can add new categories and delete existing ones.